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(World wide excluding NL)

Blaas of Glory


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Ever since they started out a decade ago, Blaas Of Glory have been on a long march to glory. From Amsterdam to Barcelona, from London to Hamburg, from Belgium to Finland; they will get the whole world headbanging to their metal sound, performed on glockenspiel and sousaphone.


Blaas of Glory is a hilarious mobile act like you’ve never seen before. These eight rockers-in-tights have not encountered musical or theatrical equals on their ten year long march along Europe’s finest festivals of every size and sort, be it street theatre, pop, rock or metal.

Hardrock evergreens bloom once again when this colourful Napoleontic brass band comes marching in, dressed in sexy spandex straight from the eighties. Armed with sousaphone, piccolo, glockenspiel, banjo, accordion and multi-voiced background harmonies they transform every song into an unexpected experience. They will move you to smiles, tears, shreds or flabbergasts.

KISS is klezmerized, Thin Lizzy rumbled by rumba, Alice Cooper waltzes around. Queen turns into country and Van Halen into Dixieland, AC/DC never sounded so spiritual…

Blaas of Glory guarantees a guerilla surprise. These Glamrock Legends pop up out of nowhere to create extravaganze extraordinaire. The public is tempted to awkward proximity – the boundaries are fluid – and invited to close interaction. People find themselves suddenly sing-shouting along, dancing the polka and screaming saxophone solo’s to sick summits which dwarf the originals.

Blaas of Glory is wild. It’s natural habitat ranges from city streetlife to festival fields, to stages big and small. They will literally blow the roof off any venue. Brace yourselves.

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