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Mik Pyro


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Mik Pyro was the front man of legendary Irish band Republic of Loose. 


A fixture on Irish radio in the naughties with multi platinum album sales, Republic of Loose changed the landscape of Irish music winning plaudits from critics and artists alike, recording and playing live with U2, Sinead O'Connor, Shane MacGowan and Snow Patrol amongst others.


A triumph” - Alan Corr, RTÉ

A solo Mik Pyro album has been in the works for some time but the pandemic saw Mik put that album on hold and take a sharp left turn. What has emerged is a deeply personal album. Gone are the perfect FM radio pop songs, the funk, blues and soul of Republic of Loose and in it's place Mik has produced a record for grown ups.

"Heroically uncompromising, one of the Irish albums of the year" - Tony Clayton-Lea, Irish Times


In Mik's words: "It's a big departure from the Loose. It's kinda rain soaked Country n Irish music believe it or not. I wanted to make an album like this before I got back to the funk, because I've been writing this kind of music my whole life but never released any of it".

"A really really good record, it really is fabulous" - Stuart Clark Hotpress

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