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HamsandwicH Trio Acoustic Tour March 2024

HamsandwicH will hit the road in March for a series of acoustic trio shows around Ireland on the heals of the band’s 20th anniversary.

Join Niamh, Podge, and Darcy as they perform their most beloved songs from the band’s back catalogue in a scaled-down and intimate setting.

The HamsandwicH Trio acoustic tour of Ireland throughout March is stopping off in Kilkenny, Cork, Waterford, Limerick, Dundalk and Dublin. These are intimate shows and will be stripped back events.

Check out their up coming tour dates below and book your tickets now.

🎶Tour Dates:

1 March - Spirit Store, Dundalk

8 March - Cask, Limerick

9 March - Bank Lane, Waterford

14 March - Whelans, Dublin

22 March - Sea Church Ballycotton, Cork

23 March - Cleeres, Kilkenny

PLUS! "The Live Album" will be released on 15th March 2024. Vinyl preorders are available now.

HamsandwicH have been one of Ireland’s most steady indie bands over the years as many music acts and trends have come and gone. Not only has HamsandwicH survived but has thrived as the band prepare to release their fifth album and their first Live album. One of Ireland’s most enthralling live acts in the last 20 years, Kells, Co. Meath band HamsandwicH are well known for their incendiary live performances which has established them as one of the top touring acts in the country. Featuring their signature calling card of Niamh Farrell’s powerful yet sweet vocal, Podge McNamee’s juxtaposing baritone, and Darcy’s soaring guitar riffs, if ever there was a band to feed off their audience it is HamsandwicH; melodic, hook-laden, and heart-warmingly charming.

Having previously sold-out Dublin’s prestigious 3Olympia Theatre three times, the band celebrated their 20th anniversary by returning to the legendary venue on October 21st, 2023.

The band performed a career spanning set-list featuring songs from across their four studio albums “Carry the Meek” (2008), “White Fox” (2010), “Stories From The Surface” (2015), and “Magnify” (2023).The night was recorded by the band’s longtime soundman Darren Clarke and will be released as the band’s first live album in conjunction with Dublin Vinyl on March 15th, 2024. The album will also be available on digital platforms.

Niamh – “We are all so excited to finally get to release our very first proper LIVE album! It was such a pleasure to have a gig once again in such an iconic venue and we were delighted that we got such a good recording that we had to what it! I think we have managed to capture the party atmosphere and put it onto vinyl, we hope people will enjoy listening to it!”

Podge – “Some of my favourite albums of all time are live albums. Johnny Cash at Folsom prison and Radiohead live in Galway in the mid-90s have been on repeat. It’s something we always wanted to do as a band, and we’ve had countless people tell us we are better live than on record. Back at the start it would have been the complete reverse. I think this album encapsulates who we are as a band more than any studio album could ever do and captures us in our purest form, there’s an energy and even a childlike silliness we’ve had on stage from day one and it’s amazing to have that oozing out of speakers. It’s the closest I’ll get to seeing HamsandwicH live and I’m all in!”



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