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Cronin is the musical project from Irish brother Johnny and Michael Cronin. Along with Fiachra Milner and Brian Murphy they make music in their own Transmission Rooms recording studio. Leaving Ireland as children in the late 80s to live in the North of England shaped their musical influences,style and aspirations. Returning from the UK to their native Ireland in the early 2000's they started releasing music under The Aftermath name for which they earn critical and commercial success in the charts and radio. They are also known for their collaborations with legendary Pogues front man Shane MacGowan for all his studio session, TV show and live appearances. Shane also asked the brother to perform his classic A Rainy night in Soho at his recent Wedding ceremony with actor Johnny Depp on guitar duties.


They have so far released one critically acclaimed album and a couple of stand alone singles. Cronin have had a few eventful couple of years while finishing off their debut album from Pete Doherty giving them shout outs in arena's to Noel Gallagher hiding behind their CD cover to escape the London paparazzi to Niall Horan turning up to their gigs to Mick being with an all Star band at Shane MacGowan's 60th birthday celebration drummling for the likes of Bono, Johnny Depp, Nick Cave and more with the rest of the band performing at the after show on Shane's request. 


A band never shy about wearing their influences on their sleeve Irish music Bible Hot Press said of them "An invigorating mix of Nick Cave, the Bunnymen and just about every classic British guitar band you care to name."

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