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Doolin' is France's premiere Celtic band whose name derives from the little village of musical fame in south-west Ireland. Born in 2005 from an encounter between six accomplished musicians, from its inception Doolin' perfected a mixture of novel musical genres.


Whilst some of the band were immersed in the world of traditional Irish music, and others were active in the jazz scene or in the pop rock wave of the 80s and 90s, they found a common love in traditional Irish music. From ballads to furiously fast jigs, from their own
compositions to traditional tunes, Doolin' offers a rich palette of sound.
Their self-titled debut for Compass Records is one of the freshest and most exciting Celtic records of the year. 

Natives of Toulouse, Doolin' worked with legendary Irish guitarist John Doyle in the producer's chair to achieve a sound uniquely their own deeply rooted in traditional Celtic music but wonderfully flavoured with French chanson, American roots music and even hip hop straight from the streets of Paris.

Ireland has produced a great number of exceptionally talented groups - Dervish, Altan, L˙nasa, to name but a few - but bands have also formed throughout the world to celebrate Irish music. Doolin' forms an integral part of this movement of renewal and is one of its most promising protagonists. From the intimate atmosphere of an Irish pub to the spectacle of the international concert stage, this sextet has been support act to major names such as Altan, Kevin Burke, Martin Hayes and MairtÌn O'Connor. But they have also toured heavily as a headline and festival act with appearances like Celtic Legends and the Tall Ships Festival.

Inspired by the purest tradition, Doolin' combines instrumentals, vocals and original compositions in a resolutely modern style. The arrangements, at times taking their inspiration from pop-rock, folk, jazz, funk or even rap (and always in the best taste), emit great energy.
That's Doolin' - Irish music with a French touch!

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