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Maxi Jazz


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Maxi Jazz is a dance music pioneer along with Sister Bliss and Rollo, his compatriots in Faithless, who've swept all before, over a twenty year career, with timeless anthems and compelling live shows. 

What's less well known is that Maxi has been a DJ since 1984 and has a vast vinyl collection that he's been selecting (and scratching!) for many a year. From the era of soul weekenders, local sound system crews and pirate radio, Maxi's musical bent is based on party music over the last 30 years and using the microphone and old school turntable technique to involve and engage his followers.

 More often than not, creating a live vocal version of Insomnia while playing his own B-side of that track and more. Reggae, funk, soul, hiphop plus those tunes that take you straight back to another era then right back up to date. No techno.. Just great music! Like the good old days.

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