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Myles O'Reilly


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The ambient music of Myles O'Reilly deftly navigates delicate currents of sonic minimalism, embracing the beauty of generative processes and allowing his compositions to evolve organically, by way of analog synthesizers, granular samplers and tape loops.


“I like to compare my approach to writing and performing ambient music as creating an incense or perfume— evocative notes as subtle as a smell, and with the same purpose in a space: to invite and amplify a transportative atmosphere and a calming mood.”


O’Reilly has released several ambient albums, sculpting ethereal landscapes that echo patterns of nature, and moods inspired by relief and escape, ranging from quiet meditative restraint to lush awsome expansiveness.


In Myles sonic sanctuary, the boundary between artist and listener dissolves, and the shared journey through his ambient tapestries becomes a more collective meditation. 

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