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LEA HEART - SOLD OUT! The Academy March 30th

Lea Heart's SOLD OUT Headline Show in The Academy Dublin is this Saturday 30th March 2024. Ireland’s newest rising star, Lea Heart has been capturing the hearts of millions since launching her career during lockdown online.

Music has always been at the centre of Lea’s life. From banging on her grandparents piano as soon as she was tall enough to reach it to watching all the music talent shows on TV, Lea jumped at every opportunity to perform by entering any talent show she could find.

Hailing from Kildare, Lea’s grandparents gifted her that old grand piano when the first lockdown commenced and it was during this time Lea honed her craft and song-writing skills.

After setting herself up on socials, Lea began to share her isolation creations to an increasingly engaging audience garnering her a substantial Tik Tok following in a short space of time. It was on here Lea shared a snippet of her soon to be first single ‘Older’ to her 40,000 fans.

Lea released her debut track ‘Older’ last October 2021 which went onto top the Irish airplay charts, earning support from radio across the country. In this short space of time Lea has gained 1.8m+ Global streams for ‘Older’, 166k+ YouTube views, 118k+ Monthly Spotify listeners and over 98.7k Tik Tok Followers with 1.5m+ likes on her channel and the track peaked at #1 on Irish iTunes Chart and peaked at #30 on the Irish Spotify Chart and Top 50 on Official Irish Singles Chart and Top 10 in the Irish airplay charts.

Lea has gone on to release 5 singles and 1 self-titled EP to the world.

Some stats are;

• ‘IDK WHY’ is the biggest release in Ireland in 2021 by a female artist.

• ‘IDK WHY’ in week 1 of release made it to the Top 40 Irish Official Singles Chart & Top 10 in the Irish Airplay charts.

• ‘IDK WHY’ has 950k + streaming figures on Spotify

• ‘A Million Goodbyes’ has over 150k+ views on YouTube. Lea also has a guest duet performance from Ryan Hennessy of Picture This who she co-wrote the song with & produced by Jimmy Rainsford of Picture This.

• ‘A Million Goodbyes’ premiered on UK television this summer surrounding the dramatic exit of Love Islands Jake & Liberty. New fans to Lea drove her to chart at number 17 in the Shazam charts and over 5k+ new followers to Instagram.

• Self-titled EP ‘Lea Heart’ was released in August this year and shot to Number 1 on the iTunes Irish Album charts.

These remarkable numbers are just the beginning to solidify Lea as Ireland’s next female pop star!



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