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The Mind Full Podcast Live with Dermot Whelan & America's Leading Meditation Expert Davidji

Updated: May 3

Extra Date Added! Due to the insane demand for this fascinating show where you learn how to "Un Wreck Your Head and De-Stress Your Life" with Dermot Whelan and America's Leading Meditation Expert Davidji a second date has been added to the Sugar Club event on June 16th.

Tickets On Sale Friday May 3rd at 10am

Selling out in just two minutes, Dermot Whelan's extremely popular The Mind Full Podcast is Live with America's Leading Meditation Expert davidji this June.

Enjoy an evening of fun, wisdom, craic and calm for one night only on June 14th & June 16th in The Sugar Club.

Tickets from and

The Mind Full Podcast is the latest offering in Dermot Whelan’s highly successful Mind Full adventure. The Mind Full Podcast is a home for people whose minds are…well, full! Dermot explores the topics that can help us to calm a frantic mind, understand our behaviour and explore our own potential.

With a new topic of focus each week in discussion with an exciting array of guests ranging from Hollywood stars, musicians and broadcasters to expert technical contributors from the world of science, listeners will get the best information to help them make positive changes in their lives and create that mental space to live their days with more joy.

As a certified meditation teacher, Dermot also presents his own expertise through weekly guided meditations and answering callers’ questions.

Dermot's Live Podcast Shows are where comedy meets meditation which sounds kinda weird but it’s a hit! Think about it, comedy and meditation are both designed to make you feel better. So imagine getting the two at once! His dream is to take meditation out of the usual places like yoga studios and bring it to a whole new audience – an audience that maybe have been traditionally less inclined to reach for something like meditation.

Many people have tried meditation but have felt, for one reason or another, that it wasn’t for them. Maybe they couldn’t relate to the teacher, the location, the jargon, the dogma or maybe they were just plain uncomfortable! Maybe YOU’VE been looking for a way past stress and into calm. Maybe, you’ve tried some mindfulness techniques before but something just didn’t click? Come join Dermot and thousands of other like-minded people who are ready for a lasting change and, most of all, a good laugh!

Dermot and his guests will take you on a hilarious journey through his own life story, from roadside panic attacks to Californian cringe-dancing, as he forges a new path from stressed-out burnout to self-belief and self-confidence. He will look at the science of meditation and how it can change your brain for the better. And he shares this favourite, effective and oh-so-easy techniques to get you feeling better, sleeping better and living better – all while having a laugh!

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