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Vernon Jane 'The Ritual Of Love Making' Album Launch

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

“Otherside, is a love song about loving someone so much it hurts you physically” explains the band. “Believing that love should get you through anything, even when there has been violence, aggression, addiction. All of it can be forgiven and something better lies ahead for us.”

Otherside charts this internal monologue of pleading with yourself, bargaining that time can change things for the better. Before the stark realisation that we don’t get another side.

Lead-singer Emily Jane speaks about Otherside at length in Episode 2 of the Through The Lens Podcast with Louise Macnamara (Heathers) and Shelly Bukspan.

Otherside is the second single to be drawn from Vernon Jane’s debut album ‘The Ritual of Love Making’. The first single Daddy Issues received its Irish radio premiere via 2fm’s Dan Hegarty, “Vernon Jane are just different to everything else that’s around right now. ‘Daddy Issues’ balances angst with pop sensibilities and gives us another reason to be excited for the arrival of their debut album.”

‘The Ritual of Love Making’ is a striking debut from Dublin rock outfit Vernon Jane. A concept album about intimacy, vulnerability, aggression, and shame which challenges the perceived norms of desire.

'The Ritual of Love Making' is comprised of 12 tracks divided into 4 distinct sections: Cleanse, Sink, Drown, Float. Each section is heralded by a single release.

‘The Ritual of Love Making’ was recorded live in Dublin’s Camden Recording Studios across a whirlwind three-day session. A feat which is even more remarkable when you consider that Vernon Jane recorded this album as a nonet - complete with horn section, additional percussion and backing singers, on top of the traditional rock ‘n’ roll blueprint of guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

Vernon Jane is ferocious, whether playing solo or as a five piece and when the extended 9 piece band plays their power and ferocity is undeniable. Produced by the band with the help of engineer Conor Brady, ‘The Ritual of Love Making’ shatters taboos with sharp, insightful lyrics which invite the listener to question their own conduct and experiences and embrace who they truly are. Having sold-out the Button Factory in Dublin twice and headlined Knockanstockan, Vernon Jane are set to unveil ‘The Ritual of Love Making’ with a special album show in The Academy, Dublin on March 6th 2020 with support from Bicurious. Tickets €17.45 on sale now.

'Vernon Jane are here to kick the living daylights out of you and your loved ones and teach you a lesson while they’re at it' – The Thin Air 'The type of music that grabs you by the throat' – The Last Mixed Tape 'An incredibly raucous, unhinged, powerful presence who just don't give a fuck”  – GoldenPlec ‘Controlled anarchy, portrayed in the most admirable manner possible' – Overblown

Media Materials:

Otherside - stream/wav for radio (not suitable for play before the watershed)

Otherside will be available on all streaming platforms Daddy Issues - stream/wav for radio (not suitable for play before the watershed)

Watch the video for Daddy Issues here

The Ritual of Love Making Tracklist: 1 Cleanse 2 Daddy Issues 3 333 4 Sink 5 Drugs You Do 6 Otherside 7 Drown 8 Last Good Fuck 9 Over 10 Float 11 Weapon Between Her Legs 12 Fuck Her

Vernon Jane are:

Emily Jane (Guitar/Vox), Ricky (Bass), Joe (Guitar), Niamh (Drums), Sean (Brass), Shane (Brass), Laura (Backing Vox), Katie (Backing Vox), Daragh (Percussion)



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