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Wild Roots Festival 2024 Line Up is Here!

Updated: Jul 3


Due to circumstances beyond the control of the Wild Roots Festival organisers, this festival has been cancelled. Refunds for tickets will begin on June 22nd. For more details visit:

🪂The Wild Roots Festival 2024 Line Up is here and we are delighted to have booked Block Rockin Beats, Damien Dempsey, King Kong Company, Ham Sandwich, Hermitage Green and Lavengro for this June Bank Holiday Weekend Festival filled with Music, Performing Arts, Adventure, Family Fun, Camping, Glamping and so much more 🏕

♫ 31st May - 3rd June

More acts to be announced!

Tickets: See

Nestled in the alchemy of Co. Sligo, Wild Roots is an explosion of music, performing art and adventure. We bring together these three great gifts like never seen before and take you on a journey to explore all the wondrous treats we have in store.

Music makes the world go around, so we keep it at our core. Sing, dance, move, listen, or just enjoy the good vibrations. From Rudimental, James Bay, Razorlight, Sasha & John Digweed, King Kong Company, Jenny Greene, Hermitage Green, Soda Blonde, Booka Shade, Damien Dempsey, Hamsandwich, Roisin O – and every talented artist in-between – prepare your feet for a weekend of some serious beats.

Performing arts showcase the celestial potential of our human forms. We’ve coloured the weekend with acts like Strix Nebulosa, Jenny Tufts and Teri Fierce, and Fidget Feet whose experience and expertise will leave you in the best kind of awe. It’s time to reach new artistic heights with these visual delights.

Make adventure part of your Wild Roots adventure. The festival is hidden in the organic dream of Yeats County, surrounded by the protection of the forest and the refreshment of the water. Kayak, sail, and SUP. Take your pick. We believe in bringing all these elements together as one, so bring on the fun.

We invite all beings to join us where organic and boutique walk hand in hand, immerse yourself in the enchanted forest, swim in the mysticism of your surroundings, dine in the arena of invigoration, be enveloped in art or wrap yourself in the warm blankets of the collective.

Wild Roots is the festival of vitality where dreams and reality marry, illuminating the senses. We believe in the power of community, the spirit of creativity, and where heart and humanity are alive in us all, so let’s celebrate, share, experience and truly live.



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