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Steve Wickham


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Steve Wickham, electric violinist, songwriter and composer is an award-winning Irish artist. He made his recording debut with U2 on 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' in 1982. He is a member of The Waterboys with whom he has toured the world and played on some of its great stages. His distinctive playing has been a contribution to The Waterboys sound for over 30 years.


Writing songs and music has been his life since his early days. He continues to explore new musical territory whether it’s on film or theatre or live.
From a crossover with Sligo baroque orchestra and Congolese soukous band Tropicana Musica to his work with world music group NoCrows which incorporates gypsy jazz, classical and traditional Irish music, he’s always moving forward.

His solo work is a unique trip with a musician undefined and unfettered.
Two solo albums 'Geronimo' in 2006 and 'Beekeeper' 2017. Beekeeper shows an artist in full flow. His live show is full of incandescent playing, sensitivity and wit.

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