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Buoyed by opening their setlist with a new song on a UK and European tour the band followed the tour with a demo and writing period in June 2018 at The Cottage Residential Recording Studio in Loch Fyne, Argyll. Arriving with that one new song and a van full of equipment, they left ten days later with album two fully written.


All the tracks for the album were originally arranged and demoed by the band themselves with no external input. Left alone with round the clock studio access and permission to be as loud as they liked, songs such as ‘When the Dark’ and ‘Quiet House’ came through in the daytime sessions, with the darker shades of the appropriately named ‘Midnight Song’ and ‘Exit’ coming to life in the late evenings.


Returning to Birmingham with demos completed, August 2018 saw the band began recording at the Old Whistle Factory for a full week with intermittent sessions following until completion in Spring 2019. Having previously released a critically acclaimed debut album, which in turn saw the band obtain new management and most recently a new record deal with Dutch based Gentlemen Recordings, everything fell into place for release of album two.


The album was produced by long term producer Simon Weaver at his Old Whistle Factory recording studio in Birmingham’s northern quarter, in stark contrast with the music created in the open Scottish wilderness. This windowless basement studio sealed the recorded music with a familiar sense of trepidation but minus the usual claustrophobic affect, an audio window out of the room into the landscape

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