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MPI Artists secure 5 year touring partnership for Snoop Dogg with TEG MJR

Irish agent and promoter Julian O’Brien and MPI Artists' USA partner Nabil Ghebre have brokered a five year deal for Snoop Dogg's touring rights worldwide, with Richard Buck's TEG MJR. (excluding the USA and Canada).

The pair are central to putting together what is one of the biggest deals of the legendary rapper's career. The deal, inked with TEG MJR CEO Richard Buck, will see O’Brien, MPI and TEG work together touring Snoop internationally for the next 5 years. O’Brien and Ghebre will work with Robert Dreislen, AKA Bobby D and Uncle Snoop's Army throughout the 5 year term as Snoop's international agents. Bobby D is at the helm of Snoop's operations in L.A. and – together with Snoop – founded 'Uncle Snoop's Army', the multi-million dollar L.A based music and entertainment company.

The ambitious deal is the first of its kind signed by an agent based in Ireland and working from an office in Dublin, as O'Brien and MPI Artists do. Already, the first shows under the deal have been announced.

Full article by Hot Press Magazine -


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