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Shawn James Irish & U.K tour

Take one listen to Shawn James’ music and you can hear his roots in the Mississippi Delta by way of growing up on the fabled South Side of Chicago, his authentic, gutbucket blend of blues, folk, and soul music running the gamut of ecstatic joy and painful anguish.

James is a road dog, the hellhounds at his heels, performing more than 200 dates a year, including a recent appearance at the fabled Troubadour in Los Angeles.

His songs have been featured on HBO, CBS and Sony Playstation’s The Last of Us II, while “Through the Valley,” topped Spotify’s Global Viral Charts - generating more than 60 million streams combined on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube as well as a recent invitation by the Grammys to record his incredible cover of Macy Gray’s “I Try” for’s “GRAMMY ReImagined”.

Shawn's new album is some of his finest work yet with songs like Orpheus and Burn The Witch getting rave reviews worldwide, this is an exciting time for Shawn to say the least.

Joining him on his U.K dates is The Answer frontman Cormac Neeson whom has also just released a new album ' White Feather ' as his debut solo release.



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